A black woman using social media

#BlackTwitter vs 'Black privilege'

OPINION - Social media has given a powerful voice to people of color, complementing an often one-dimensional mainstream when it comes to representing controversial racial issues...
Writer Kirsten West Savali on her wedding day

Married woman: What I’ve learned about love

ESSAY - After 8 years of marriage and three children, Valentine’s Day is not what it used to be – it’s better, richer, honest. More than a celebration of love, it’s a re-calibration of purpose...
Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons' org promotes urban artists

Co-founded by brothers Russell, Danny and Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, the foundation has created educational and gallery programs, which directly serve over 2,300 students each year, in addition to providing exposure for under-appreciated artists of color.
Black daughter being scolded by African-American mother

Are blacks ignoring the negative research on spanking?

CLUTCH - I have been waiting, patiently, for someone to give me one reason — other than the immediate gratification of getting a child to stop in that moment and 'police won’t beat them' — that proves hitting children as a form of discipline is effective...
Creflo Dollar

How did women become the villains?

OPINION - There is an epidemic in the black American community that extends into our homes, relationships and throughout our religious institutions...
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