Black people celebrating the holidays


theGRIO REPORT - ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but frankly, the flurry of holiday activities can often have the opposite effect...
An African-American family enjoying Thanksgiving dinner


theGRIO REPORT - Getting a jump start can make a world of difference. We spoke to two experts for ways to create a big day you and your family can be truly thankful for without creating more stress in the process...
It's time for back to school!

Need free help with back-to-school supplies?

From school supplies to student mentoring, there are a plethora of resources for parents and schools seeking extra financial and social support as children return to school this month and next.
Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway

Vanessa Bell Calloway tells breast cancer story

theGRIO REPORT - Following in Jolie's footsteps by telling her survivor story, Calloway is broadening her public presence to include breast cancer awareness advocacy. Calloway spoke to the Grio about her decision to share her experiences with the disease...