From homeless to the NFL (video)

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Dolphins rookie receiver Brennan Marion is trying to make his living on the football field. But at one time, Marion was practically living on a football field.

“My story is definitely inspirational to a lot of people and definitely I would like to use my story to help a lot of young kids,”

After graduating from high school near Pittsburgh, Marion and a friend moved out to northern California to play football at a junior college. Because there were no scholarships for room and board, Marion and his friend were forced to sleep wherever they could.

“There was always low points, but there’s always something telling me like you know that certain feeling that its just going to work out for me.”

But the duo transferred to another junior college so Marion could have opportunities to play. But since neither of them had any friends, they were forced to sleep in the locker room or if that was locked, the press box.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories but no not quite a story a like that. It just tells you the kind of commitment this young man has right now,” said Dolphin’s head coach Tony Sparano.

Nobody knew of Marion’s situation until he gave a speech in a class about his hardships. After that, word reached the school’s dean of counseling who helped them get vouchers for books, a place to live and more importantly a degree.

“For him to show the courage that he’s taken and him being here and the commitment a dedication show a lot,” says Dolphin player Davone Bess.

“But as far as Marion has come in his life, he still wouldn’t of felt he would of made it until he gets that Dolphins sticker on his helmet as an official member of the team,” according to Ryan Lieber a reporter.

“I want to be out there on the field I want to have the target on my back. I want to be one of the go to guys on this team,” says Marion.

And if Marion has been able to accomplish what he has so far, making the team should be a breeze.