Football player called a hero after tackling girl with gun on school bus

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It’s a story that could have had a very different ending. More than 20 students are safe thanks to the quick work of a Mississippi high school football player.

He saved the day when police say a 14 year old pulled out a gun on the school bus. Grainy video from the school bus camera shows the terrifying moments.

The girl yelling as she swings the gun. The other students terrified screams.

“It shows her taking the gun out of a large back pack or book satchel and shows her standing up, putting the magazine in the bottom of the gun and then turning around and making her threats, you know, saying that she would kill this one and kill that one,” said Yazoo County Sheriff Thomas Vaughan.

It was Monday morning in Yazoo County Mississippi.

The bus filled with students of all ages, when police say one of them, a 14-year-old girl, tired of being picked on, pulled the 38.

In the midst of the panic, another student, a star quarterback and defensive end did what he does best.

“He tackled her and saved no telling how many lives as a result,” said Vaughan.

Senior Kaleb Eulls may be well known in the area on the football field, but these days, he is better known as a hero.

“Lotta nick names, um. Super Kaleb, Hancock, Superman,” said Eulls.

“He said that he would’ve rather got shot than any of the rest of them, and I think that is absolutely tremendous on his part,” said Vaughan.


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And while Eulls is now back on the practice field, the girl is in jail facing serious charges that could see her tried as an adult.

The bus driver is also being praised for trying to diffuse the situation.

Police still want to know where the girl got the gun.