From New York Times:

A press representative for the R&B group Boyz II Men said that a technical glitch was to blame for one of the group’s songs being played twice during an NBC Christmas special — once when the band wasn’t on stage — and that the band was not lip-syncing during its performance.

NBC’s broadcast of its annual “Christmas in Rockfeller Center” special on Tuesday night was presented as a live concert event and included a performance of “This Christmas” by Boyz II Men.

When that song concluded, Natalie Morales, an anchor of NBC’s “Today” show and a co-host of the Christmas special, introduced a performance by the pop singer Charice and the composer and pianist David Foster, who were supposed to be singing “Jingle Bell Rock.” Instead, as the cameras cut away to these musicians, the audio of the Boyz II Men rendition of “This Christmas” began to play as Charice and Mr. Foster pleasantly bopped their heads along to the tune. After several perplexing seconds elapsed, Mr. Foster picked up a microphone and said to the crowd, “Live TV — are you having a great time?” He and Charice then played their intended song.

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