TheGrio’s 100: Gabi Gregg, tweeting her way into MTV history

TheGrio's 100 - More than 26,000 people tune in to Gabi Gregg's tweets about behind-the-scenes life at MTV...

More than 26,000 people tune in to Gabi Gregg’s tweets about behind-the-scenes life at MTV. The fashion blogger, 24, became the network’s first Twitter correspondent in August. She will be taking home a cool $100,000 salary and eventually could see as many Twitter followers after her year-long stint as MTV’s Twitter Jockey, or “TJ”.

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Gabi Gregg is making history … reporting from back stage and behind the scenes for MTV — on Twitter. It’s the network’s first reporting gig to focus exclusively on social media, and Gregg is proving to be as popular as her predecessors, MTV’s long-standing video jockeys or VJs. The VJs have been the face of the network since it was founded in 1981, making Gregg’s post part of a legacy as old as music television. “It’s surreal to really think about how I fit into that timeline,” says the savvy social media maven. “The impact of social media has truly transformed our lives and how we communicate.”

In addition to tweeting MTV’s messages, Gregg also maintaining her own fashion blog, Young, Fat, & Fabulous, which she launched in 2008. For Gregg, the blog is an opportunity to broadcast a message of self-acceptance at any size, and her role at MTV is bringing more eyes to that idea.

What’s next for Gabi?

Though Gregg’s current post expires in the fall, she’s eager to stay on at MTV, especially because the network has encouraged her to keep pursuing her other passions — social media and fashion. In the long term, Gregg hopes to segue her fashion focus into collaborations with a retailer or designer, and plans to keep blogging all the while.

What inspires Gabi?

“Anyone who follows their passion and is comfortable in their own skin inspires me. I’m really inspired by Maya Angelou, Gabby Sidibe, Will Smith, and Michelle Obama,” Gregg told theGrio. “I also love seeing bloggers who have made a living from turning their passion into a full-time job. Women like Angel from and Patrice from definitely encourage me to do what I love.”

On black history …

“With social media, it’s easier than ever to really stay connected with things I’m passionate about, and that includes black history,” Gregg told theGrio. “I make sure follow culturally relevant tweeters and tumblrs which not only keep me up to date with current happenings, but also remind me of black history on a daily basis.”

A favorite quote …

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Chanel

A little-known fact …

J.J. Jackson was an inaugural VJ in 1981, and MTV’s first African-American video jockey.

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