15-year-old already a Morehouse man

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Instead of being in his sophomore year in high school, 15-year-old Stephen Stafford is a sophomore at Morehouse College.

“Classes are enjoyable,” Stafford said. “They’re not too hard, not too easy.”

He used to have three majors until he dropped pre-med for just computer science and mathematics.

Stafford credits his parents for his success. His mother decided to stay home full-time to teach him and his sister — while his father worked.

“They lined up the work for me,” he said. “This whole thing would definitely not have been possible without my parents.”

However, Stafford might not be getting the full college experience because of his age: hanging out with friends, making contacts, freedom from parents, etc.

“I probably am missing a lot of that,” he said. “After classes are done, I still have to go back home with my parents.”

Stafford said right now he is more concerned with his coursework. But when the time comes he will have the freedom to do what he wants.