Troy Davis' sister has died, NAACP confirms

From USA Today

Martina Davis-Correia, the sister of late cause celebre death row inmate Troy Davis, has died, NAACP senior communications associate Derek Turner confirmed.

Davis-Correia battled cancer, but helped take her brother’s case around the globe, maintaining there was too much doubt in the details of his murder conviction to allow for his execution. Davis died by lethal injection on Sept. 21 at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Ga. Between hospitalizations as she fought her disease, Davis-Correia addressed groups and took part in rallies globally to draw attention to the case.

Davis, 42 when he died, had been convicted in 1991 of the 1989 shooting death of Savannah, Ga., police officer Mark MacPhail. But Davis-Correia and another sister of Davis’, Kimberly Davis, worked with the NAACP and Amnesty International in maintaining to people worldwide that several witnesses in Davis’ murder trial had recanted testimony.

The Davises’ mother, Virginia Davis, died a few months before the execution.

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