Gingrich: Obama has 'anti-American' energy policy

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Newt Gingrich is asserting that President Barack Obama pursues an “outrageously anti-American” energy policy that snubs the Keystone oil pipeline and puts too much stock in electric car technology to wean the country from foreign oil dependency.

The former House speaker tells CBS’s “This Morning” show gasoline prices have skyrocketed since Obama took office. He says Obama entertains a “fantasy” that the electric car “is going to liberate us from Saudi Arabia.”

Gingrich is trailing Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential race.

On Tuesday, he called it “the wildest nominating process I can remember” and said he believes the race is still “wide open.”

The former Georgia congressman said Obama must be made a one-term president, charging that he “routinely only obeys laws that he deems fit.”

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