Julianne Malveaux resigns as president of Bennett College

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Nationally known economist and author, Julianne Malveaux has announced she will step down as president of the historically black, all-female Bennett College this year. Malveaux served as president of the college for five years and will end her tenure effective in May.

“Five years is the longest time I’ve ever held a job in my life,” she said in a statement, “and while I remain committed to HBCUs and the compelling cause of access in higher education, I will actualize that commitment, now, in other arenas. I will miss Bennett College and will remain one of its most passionate advocates.”

Malveaux called her time as president of the college, “one of the most rewarding experiences” of her life

Charles Barrentine, Chair of the Board of Trustees said this about Dr. Malveaux: “The Board of Trustees respects Dr. Malveaux’s desire to pursue her other interests at this time. We have been extremely fortunate to have her at the helm of Bennett College for the last five years. Given her many talents, the college has been enhanced by having Dr. Malveaux as our leader. Under Dr. Malveaux’s leadership the college completed an ambitious $21 million capital improvements program that renovated existing facilities and erected four new buildings the first new construction on campus in 28 years.

She increased enrollment to a historic high of more than 735 students in 2009, expanded alumnae involvement, and enhanced the curriculum with a focus on women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, excellence in communications, and global awareness. Also, under Dr. Malveaux’s leadership, Bennett’s accreditation has been reaffirmed through 2014 by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. She also created a 2020 Master Plan, which advocates, among other things, construction of a new high-tech library. Overall, Dr. Malveaux empowered the college to build on its historic legacy. In recognition of her distinguished work, she will be named President Emerita of Bennett College at the May 6 commencement.”

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