'Gimme My Money': New song by 12-year-old Jadagrace takes on Obama, stimulus (VIDEO)

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“Gimme My Money”, is an upbeat new pop song with political undertones about the 2009 stimulus legislation. Promotion for the song, performed by 12-year-old singer and actress Jadagrace, can be seen on several media outlets including Fox News.

[youtubevid http://youtube.com/watch?v=AaRXVhsYRk4]

Jadagrace previously played a role of “Star” in 2009’s Terminator Salvation. She is currently set to star in the upcoming The Jadagrace Show. The show is not attached to a network but being produced by her manager Kerry Gordy, son of Motown founder Berry Gordy. According to her personal site, Jadagrace co-writes her music.

“Gimme My Money” was released through iTunes on Valentine’s Day this year by West Grand Media. The company’s site describes it as “an intellectual property management and post-production facility” that houses thousands of Motown’s songs from the past 50 years.

Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown was made famous on Fox’s Media Matters for America with John Stossel. He also made appearances on other Fox shows and caused controversy with racially insensitive jokes at the Republican Leadership Conference in 2011.

The video for Jadagrace’s “Gimme My Money” begins with Brown standing on a platform with two Secret Service agents. He mentions the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (a.k.a. the stimulus) before the young singer interrupts, “Where’s my stimulus package” and begins singing.

Almost all of the children that sing and dance alongside Jadagrace are non-white. In scenes from the video, they sleep in class and spend lavishly. The star also daydreams that her African-American mother will be arrested for withholding her “allowance.”

The song comes in the middle of a presidential election season where Barack Obama’s economic policies have come under attack with racial undertones. Last year, former GOP primary candidate Newt Gingrich called Obama the “food stamp president” and reportedly said he would “tell black people to demand paychecks instead of food stamps.”

The video has drawn the ire of some viewers on YouTube, where it’s hosted and has over 300,000 views. One YouTube user wrote [sic], “Why doesn’t occutard wallstreet people go after the likes of her? She’ll be rich, and she’s strait up saying she is greedy. Kinda like Obama telling everyone they need to pay higher taxes and then he himself pays less than Buffet’s secretary.”

What that user was responding to were the nearly three minutes that follow where Jadagrace and other children sing, “Ah, beep, beep/ Walking down the street/ we’re coming with heat/ we can’t be beat/ we’re rolling with Obama/ He said it/ I heard/ I know that I deserve it.” The general theme of the song is a young girl’s demands for money to shop from her mother because “spending helps the economy.”

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