Professional athletes who have filed for bankruptcy (SLIDESHOW)

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Former Super Bowl-winning running back Jamal Lewis, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens, has joined a growing list of black professional athletes who have filed for bankruptcy on their way to being broke. Lewis has learned to earn money and spend it with ease. He continues to earn $35,000 a month and is self-employed, but this pales in comparison to the millions he was making while playing professional football. According to the paperwork, the former NFL star filed for Chapter 11 in Atlanta and has $14, 455, 854 in assets, but has $10, 566, 765.18 in debts, according to TMZ. Lewis owns five homes, a slew of cars, a $500,000 401(k) and 50 percent ownership in Fort Rapids Indoor Water park in Columbus, OH (worth about $6 million).

The hard times that Jamal Lewis is falling on got theGrio thinking about what other black athletes have filed for bankruptcy since their playing days. We compiled a list: some of the names are like a blast from the past, while others may leave you a bit surprised.

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