A Memphis congregation is dealing with lost of their church, Gateway Church of God in Christ was destroyed by a fire after it was struck by a passing vehicle in a hit and run accident.  The man who caused the church to go up in flames has confessed. WMC-TV reports:

As the congregation of Gateway Church of God in Christ tries to restore what was lost in fire last week, Pastor Perry Little finally has the answer he has been looking for from high above.  The man who caused the house of worship to go up in flames has confessed.

“I was standing in the parking lot on the phone and when I spoke with him, he told me who he was and he had already called police,” Pastor Little said.

Last week, witnesses told police a gray pick-up truck slammed into a utility pole, then sped away with heavy front end damage.

As the driver left the scene, the utility pole fell on the church.

Live electrical wires ignited a massive fire that torched the entire building.

Four people who were inside escaped unharmed.

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