Murder victim's mom calls for an end to violence

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NBC CONNECTICUT  РThe mayor of Bridgeport is calling for a crackdown on illegal guns after three people were murdered in three days in his city.

The youngest victim was Keijahnae Robinson, a 15-year-old girl. Her family joined Mayor Bill Finch at a news conference Monday evening that focused on ways to end the violence.

“I’ll never be able to hold my daughter. My daughter is gone,” Dashan Robinson said. “She’s never coming back.”

Keijahnae ‘Nu Nu’ Robinson was about to celebrate her 16th birthday. She loved life and loved people, her mother said.

Keijahnae was sitting on the front porch of her aunt’s house early Saturday morning when she was shot and killed.

“How many kids is it going to take?” Dashan Robinson asked. “These kids are dying out there. They don’t even have a chance.”

The Robinson family, along with others in the community, wonder why the city hasn’t yet implemented a curfew.

Mayor Finch said the city council will take up the matter on Thursday.

“Whether it would have helped, we’ll never know, will we?” Mayor Finch said. “We waited too long to have it.”

The ACLU challenged the curfew proposal, according to city leaders.

Still, many know that one issue alone won’t solve the violence problem.

Robinson’s aunt believe it starts at home.

“Parents, go into your kids’ rooms, raid them,” Mabel Daniels said. “Take the guns. Take the drugs.”

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