Shirtless Kobe Bryant Olympic pic causes scandal

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Recently leaked photos of a shirtless Kobe Bryant have caused something of a stir and allegedly sparked tensions in his tumultuous relationship with his wife Vanessa. The couple was expected to divorce earlier this year but then reconciled.

The photo, which was taken at an after-party in Barcelona, inspired gossip that Kobe was once again struggling to remain faithful to his wife. The Huffington Post reports:

Photos of a shirtless Kobe Bryant seated next to two women have surfaced following an Olympic after party in Barcelona, but according to TMZ, Bryant was only shirtless for a matter of moments.

Someone had spilled a drink on him, and he was waiting for a new, dry top, the pop news outlet reports. Nevertheless, Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, was “embarrassed” and “furious” over the pictures.

Though Yahoo! Sports points out Vanessa has good reason to be a bit enraged at her husband, the athlete’s wife is reportedly upset for other reasons.

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