Comic book depicts Drake; references Aaliyah, Illuminati

theGRIO REPORT - The likeness of the always melancholy hip-hop star Drake has been co-opted for a new comic book called Hottest Chick In The Game....

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The likeness of the always melancholy hip-hop star Drake has been co-opted for a new comic book called Hottest Chick In The Game. The digital comic also features cameos by Kanye, Beyoncé and Lil Wayne as the reader follows Drake on a journey to find “what lies beyond everything.”

As cryptic as that may sound, one of the creators of the comic, Sean T. Collins explained that he drew inspiration for his comic from Drake’s sophomore album Take Care and how the emo rapper always seems unsatisfied in life despite his very successful career.

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“Basically, I love his album Take Care — musically it reminds me a lot of the trip-hop and after-hours electronic music I loved as a teenager and college kid, and lyrically I think he addresses a lot of very specific and infrequently addressed emotional experiences with love and sex, even if he doesn’t always wind up someplace pleasant with them,” Collins told The Huffington Post.

In Hottest Chick, a stereotypically moody Drake embarks on a quest to rid himself of his fame and the comic pokes fun at the ‘ties’ he has with the Illuninati and his preoccupation with the late singer Aaliyah. Drake is even seen going as far as trying to bring the singer back from dead. It’s pretty heavy stuff to write about in a comic, but Collins takes what could be seen as disrespectful, and turns it into what he hopes is an amusing look at the persona of Drake.

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“I thought that cocktail of justified ego and inability to remain satisfied would make for a good story, and because I tend to think in terms of horror, the idea of him trying to outdo everyone and fill the hole in his life with this talented, successful, beautiful woman who is literally unattainable, because she’s dead, popped into my head fully formed. It felt like the natural next step for him to take. At a certain point I realized it could be combined with the Illuminati rumors and imagery surrounding Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beyoncé, who also all came out with albums I loved and listened to repeatedly last year,” Collins said.

We’ll let you be the judge if this either funny or tasteless. Check out the comic here and let us know what you think below.

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