Louisiana high school reunion invites 'white graduates only'

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A high school reunion in Louisiana is attracting national attention thanks to an unusual invite which includes “white graduates only.” The St. Martinsville Senior High School event for the class of 1973 was supposed to be the first integrated reunion in the school’s history, but the invitation seems to suggest otherwise. The New York Daily News reports:

Louisiana high school grads wanted to break from tradition this year and hold a homecoming after-party for members of the Class of 1973 that wasn’t segregated based on race.

But instead of coming together at St. Martinville Senior High School in St. Martinville, the invitation inadvertently mentioned the event was for “white graduates only” — a shocking display of 21st century divide.

“This year, 2012, was going to be the first year that we were going to integrate it,” Liza Chance, one of the organizers, told ABC affiliate KATC in Lafayette.

“I don’t understand why this went the way it did,” she added.

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