Madonna reveals large ‘Obama’ back tattoo during concert

theGRIO REPORT - During Madonna's concert last night in New York City, she revealed her large tattoo of the president's name...

Madonna took New York City by storm last night, performing a live concert at Yankee Stadium, becoming the first woman to headline the arena.

During a shocking moment in her concert the “Material Girl” singer nearly mooned the crowd by lowering her pants to expose her fishnet and thong-clad behind. She then told the crowd that she’d “rather show them “her feelings” and revealed a large tattoo that read “OBAMA.”

She proceeded to lecture the crowd about how lucky she is to be living in America. “That doesn’t mean that this is a perfect country. We have a long way to go,” Madonna said. “Thank God for Michelle Obama and her good-looking husband too.”

Madonna started publicly supporting Obama in 2008 when she sold a T-shirt with the then-presidential nominee’s face in multicolors accompanied by the phrase “Express Yourself.”

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