Beyoncé builds buzz for Obama fundraiser with campaign email

Supporters of President Barack Obama’s re-election may have been surprised to receive an email this morning from an unlikely source — Beyoncé Knowles.

“I don’t usually email you,” reads the personalized message from the R&B diva,”but I have an amazing invitation to share.”

What Beyonce is referring to is an upcoming high priced, high profile fundraiser she and her husband rapper Jay-Z will be hosting at New York City’s exclusive 40/40 nightclub.

“Jay and I will be meeting up with President Obama for an evening in NYC sometime soon. And we want you to be there!” reads the email.

In 2008, Jay-Z was one of the president’s most prominent and vocal supporters, but his wife Beyoncé was far less active. She memorably sang “At Last” for the first couple at the inauguration ball, but steered clear of any over political statements.

However, this election cycle Beyoncé has cut a commercial for African-Americans for Obama in which she praises the first lady and now, with this major fundraising event, she appears to be much more comfortable in campaign mode.