ESPN columnist Jemele Hill receives racist letter from listener, posts it on Twitter

Friday, ESPN columnist Jemele Hill revealed media members are not immune from criticism themselves.

Hill posted a letter she received from ‘some guy’ after several appearances on “The Herd” with ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd last year.  The letter is filled with racist language directed at Hill.

In addition to her role as columnist for ESPN.comHill appears on a variety of other platforms for the network. She’s made appearances on ESPN radio and television shows such as First Take. 

She just completed her first college football season as a sideline reporter for both ESPN and ESPN 2. The letter in question was embedded in her tweet Friday morning:

Sadly, Hill notes the letter is not rare:

Hill also showed her sense of humor about the whole incident:

Hill received tweets of both shock and support from colleagues in sports media. Yahoo! Sports investigative reporter Charles Robinson expressed his sympathy to Hill via Twitter:

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