Last night first lady Michelle Obama made a surprise cameo at the 85th Academy Awaeds to present the award for best picture to Argo.

Introduced by legendary actor Jack Nicholson, the first lady appeared via video stream from the White House.

While her appearance was well received by the Academy Awards audience, Mrs. Obama has been receiving backlash from conservatives for partaking in the film-industry event.

Jennifer Rubin, a political blogger for the Washington Post criticized Michelle Obama’s speech.

After saying that the “first lady feels entitled,” Rubin added, “both the president and the first lady seem small and grasping.”

Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin and Fox News host Todd Starnes tweeted similar thoughts about the first lady’s role at the Oscars.

Malkin tweeted: “Can POTUS and FLOTUS just relocate the White House to Hollywood and be done with it? #oscars2013”

“Tonight was supposed to be about Hollywood – but Mrs. Obama made it about herself. #oscars,” Starnes tweeted.

Former Republican president Ronald Reagan and former first lady Laura Bush have both made Oscar appearances in the past, but the same critics of Michelle Obama quickly defended their fellow GOP members’ appearances.

In a tweet defending Reagan Malkin said: “Reagan was former president of the Screen Actors Guild. Sorry, did I miss Michelle Obama’s past career in Hollywood?”

Radio host Dana Loesch added to conversation noting that, “The left can’t produce a video of Laura Bush presenting because it doesn’t EXIST

Laura Bush did not present, but she did appear in a video short about movies by Errol Morris in 2002 that aired at the Academy Awards, and during his presidency Ronald Reagan pre-taped remarks for the 1981 Academy Awards.

On the other had, there were scores of viewers watching this year’s Oscars who applauded Michelle Obama’s presentation.

@JoeSteelerFan tweeted at the first lady “In the words of Billy Crystal, “You looked marvelous” #Oscars2013″

ESPN columnist and CNN contributor L.Z. Granderson tweeted: “I hope #POTUS is cool I’m in love with #FLOTUS # Oscar2013”

And NBC’s Today Show tweeted, “Michelle Obama looks gorgeous on the Oscars screen! #flotus”

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