Marlon Brown's family files complaint with medical examiner

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Krystal Brown, the late Marlon Brown’s ex-wife, and her attorney Ben Crump have filed a complaint against the Deland medical examiner who performed Mr. Brown’s autopsy.

Brown died in May after fleeing from a friends car, which he was driving, during a police stop.

“He was on a curfew and didn’t want to go back to jail,” Krystal Brown told theGrio earlier this week, adding that the curfew stemmed from child support and other non-criminal violations.

Several police cruisers pursued Brown, who was on foot. He slipped and one cruiser hit Brown. It was all caught on dashboard cameras.

Following the release of the dashcam video, Deland Police Department Chief of Police immediately fired Officer Harris.

“The actions taken by officer Harris that night are not consistent with our department’s training, directives or accepted practices or techniques,” Chief of Police William E. Ridgway said in a statement.

“[The dashcam video] was so riviting. It was so horrific to see him chased down like this for an alleged seat belt violation,” Crump said.

“What you have when you look at the technical terms of vehicular homicide, you just have to show a person operated a vehicle in a reckless manner that caused the death of another,” Crump said.

The family decided to file a complaint after the case’s first medical examiner, Dr. Shipping Bao, told them he thought the case was a homicide, but his boss would not allow him to put that in the report. Bao was replaced by Dr. marie Herrmann, who ruled Brown’s death accidental.

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