First lady Michelle Obama re-wears J. Mendel jacket to 'Christmas In Washington' 2013 concert

theGRIO REPORT - First lady Michelle Obama has made fashion headlines yet again -- this time for something old rather that new...

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First lady Michelle Obama has made fashion headlines yet again — this time for something old rather that new. Still, she almost stole the show by re-wearing her white, embroidered J. Mendel jacket to the Christmas In Washington 2013 concert on Sunday. (More on the literal show-stealer below)

Mrs. Obama was first snapped wearing the stunning, structured garment while on a trip to the Summer Olympics last year in London. 

“Her white, tailored jacket featured overlapped side panels and silver embroidery, as she wore it with an ivory pleated skirt,” reports web site “She finished off the ensemble with the same exact metallic-silver Manolo Blahnik pumps she wore with the dress the first time around.”

In recycling this look, her festive attire might be a nod to economy. First lady Michelle Obama came under fire when she originally wore the ensemble, because the jacket alone cost $6,800.

Regardless of these judgments, the first lady could not have selected a more dazzling look to mirror the glitz and glitter of the holiday season and the TNT Christmas In Washington concert.

The 32nd annual charity affair was taped for an airing date of December 20.

“The event featured musical performances by the Backstreet Boys, Sheryl Crow, Janelle Monae, Pat Monahan and Anna Kendrick, also of Twilight movie fame, and proceeds go to the Children’s National Medical Center,” reports ABC News.

Despite this spate of big stars, only one person likely upstaged the first lady’s glamorous look — one of the elves who came on stage to help the first family gather donated gifts.

“Five children, past and present patients at the Children’s National Medical Center, presented donated gifts to the Obamas to give to children at the hospital,” reports NBC News.

When they took to the stage, one little elf pulled apart his cheeks, baring cute upper teeth — thus adorably becoming the center of attention.

“Good job, elves,” President Obama said. “Nice job.”

And, what a beautiful first family — inside and out. First lady Michelle Obama followed up her fashion coup at the concert with a deeply personal visit with patients at the Children’s National Medical Center on Monday.

“I don’t take questions from the press. They will tell you that,” Mrs. Obama said during her annual visit. “I only take questions from you guys once a year here.”

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