Denitra Green

Two Houston women are accused of robbing a man of his Jay Z concert tickets and then running him over with their vehicle.

The victim told authorities he was selling eight tickets to the Jay Z concert at the Toyota Center in Houston through the website Craigslist, according to Local 10.

He said he was contacted by a potential buyer and they agreed to meet at a public place.

The two suspects, Denitra Sherrelle Green and Cessica Desha Darden, arrive with Darden’s baby in the backseat of the car and asked the seller and his girlfriend to come outside the coffee shop they were waiting in.

When the victim leaned in the car to show the women the tickets, Green accelerated the car. The man held onto the car, eventually falling after Darden kicked him off the car and getting run over by the car.

The man suffered a broken left arm, broken right hand, broken right leg, a torn right knee as well as severe road rash to his face and body.

The man and his girlfriend picked Green and Darden out of a photo lineup.  The suspects were located and arrested at the Jay Z concert, sitting in the seats from the stolen tickets.

They have been charged with aggravated robbery.