Mimi Faust 'sex tape': The Kim Kardashian Model doesn't work for black women

OPINION - I’m not sure what Mimi’s trying to accomplish but unless it’s a lifetime of ridicule and disrespect, then she might have picked the wrong vehicle....

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Sometimes, I wonder why people don’t want to win at life, business and their pursuit of happiness.

Today, TMZ announced that a sex tape starring Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta infamy would be released by Vivid Entertainment. It stars Mimi and her boyfriend, Nikko Smith, who resembles the sloth from Ice Age — but that’s neither here nor there. I’m just petty so I had to point it out. Seriously, they’re twins.

There’s already a few  screenshots of the tape floating around the Interwebs, and there’s even a Vine video of the action (because people move fast).

I am shaking my head because I wonder how we got here. Nobody’s supposed to be here. Shout-out to Deborah Cox for the foresight.

Mimi is already known for the being Chairman of the Board of Team Bad Decisions Corp. because of her volatile relationship with the father of her daughter, Stevie J. Some of you might know him as Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Joseline Hernandez’s current boo. Any woman who voluntarily deals with him should be questioned for her judgment.

Still, although Mimi’s career path has been lined with foolishness, this sex tape is a new low even for her.

I may or may not have seen a clip of the video (I did) and it’s clear that this isn’t a sex tape. This isn’t some sort of footage they captured for each other’s private collection that sort of kinda leaked from a hacked computer or MySpace inbox. Nope. This video appears to have a camera man, a production team and a director because some of these angles aren’t from a camera tripod. In other words, Mimi and Nikko consciously made a porn.

Again, how did we get here? And was this thought through well?

The Kim Kardashian Model won’t work for you if you’re a black woman. It just will not. We are not afforded the same expansive boundaries of sexual expression.

In fact, the use of the word “hoe” when even Kardashian’s name comes up is still rampant (which I don’t agree with, but that’s another issue for another post). Almost a decade later, Kim still can’t step out from behind the shadow of her Ray J sex tape completely.

I’m not sure what Mimi’s trying to accomplish but unless it’s a lifetime of ridicule and disrespect, then she might have picked the wrong vehicle. She needs a mentor, a life coach and a friend in her corner who can tell her to #OccupyASeat. She needs Iyanla to pull her to the side and say, “Beloved, don’t do this!”

Reality TV’s descent into sex, fights and ratchet behavior is well documented, and it has brought more than a handful of people some coins. To go from that mayhem to porn stardom is a leap that doesn’t really mean progress. Mimi clearly wants to extend her time in the spotlight so making this tape is her terrible attempt. Attention whoredom is at an all-time high and people are really putting their Love Pockets on public display for extra 15 minutes.

It’s a shame too, because it’s short sighted.

P.S. That shower curtain move that Mimi did was really impressive. I’m just not the one to do all that. You slip and fall and die and when you get to heaven, St. Peter shakes his head at you. “How’d you die?” “Hanging from a shower rod.”

I’m not about to lose my life over a romp session.

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Mimi and her singer-songwriter boyfriend, Nikko, of American Idol fame, go at it hard in their soon-to-be-released sex tape, as the couple attempts to spice up their love life and their reality television careers. We’ve seen some footage from the tape and we can tell you these two have great bodies and lots of energy — and they definitely aren’t shy!