911 comes through for two new mothers in child birth

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Chelsea Lynn Taylor takes numerous calls each day on the job as a 911 operator in Fort Bend County, Texas. She’s trained to help people.

“You have to make sure that they’re listening to you,” said Taylor. “And making sure that everything is going good.”

Just last week she received her second call in five days to help two separate women deliver babies. In both cases their water broke and their labor progressed too rapidly to transport the women to the hospital.

Last Wednesday, Taylor helped Tams Myke-Kambi deliver a healthy baby boy. Myke-Kambi’s cousin is the one who made the 911 call.

“She was able to make sure that we were calm and help us make sure that the baby was safe,” said Princess Tamuno.

The baby, named Miracle, lies safely in his mother’s arms now, but when he was first delivered he wouldn’t cry. A critical detail for a newborn — Taylor instructed the family on how to make that happen — and got results.

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