'Muted': Powerful film explores being black and missing

theGRIO VIDEO - 'Muted' is a compelling film that premiered at ABFF earlier this month and wow'd viewers with a powerful storyline that explores the case of missing minorities...

What happens when you are missing and happen to be African-American?

Does your case receive the necessary help and resources required? Is it attracting the same attention from local and national media that it would if you were white?

One new film, Muted, explores the answers to these questions.  The film has earned critical acclaim, landing HBO’s Short Film Award at this year’s American Black Film Festival.

The fictional film, which stars multi-Emmy nominated actress Chandra Wilson and actor Malcolm Jamal Warner, paints a harsh reality for a family on a quest to find their missing daughter.

The women behind the film, writer and actress Brandi Ford, director Rachel Goldberg and producer Tara Tomicevic, stopped by theGrio.com to discuss their latest project and the depth of their work.

Powerful organizations, such as the Black and Missing Foundation, have worked hard to bring aid and advice to the families affected by missing loved ones. The women behind this film are no different.

The film will be airing on HBO in February in honor of Black History Month.

Watch our interview to learn more about Muted and what you can do to help return the missing to their families.

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