Black And Missing

Black missing children
Black children go missing at alarming rates but never seem to get the same amount of social media attention as their white counterparts.
/ October 11, 2022
Dr. Chaundre Cross of Naples was reportedly last seen on Wednesday, the same day his wife was said to have filed for divorce.
/ August 17, 2022
Jimmie “Jay” Lee, 20, was last seen leaving an apartment complex in Oxford, Mississippi on Friday, July 8, at about 5:58 a.m.
/ July 18, 2022
The Dayton Daily News reports that 61% of Ohio’s missing kids are Black, yet Black youth account for only 15-16% of the state’s population.
/ March 15, 2022
The 27-year-old actress was found Tuesday morning in Studio City after going missing over the weekend, as reported by her family.
/ February 22, 2022
HBO docuseries “Black and Missing,” highlights racial disparities in missing persons cases and is receiving praise on Twitter.
/ November 27, 2021
Journalist Soledad O’Brien wants to know why national media outlets don’t afford missing Black people the same attention as Gabby Petito.
/ November 26, 2021