Alicia Keys empowers black women to end AIDS

theGRIO VIDEO - Grammy winner Alicia Keys attended this year's Essence Festival with a message empowering black women to end AIDS.

Grammy winner Alicia Keys joined MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry at the 20th Annual Essence Festival with a message empowering black women to end AIDS.

Keys hosted a special Essence Empowerment Experience panel on Friday, July 4th, called “Through Love of Self, Family and Community, Empowering Black Women to End AIDS.”

Throughout the one-hour conversation, moderated by Harris-Perry, Keys spoke to women whose lives have been impacted by the virus.

Keys was  joined by two additional women with incredible stories: Kym, a young professional who found out she was positive when her new husband became sick and died as a result of HIV/AIDS, and Teresa, a mother whose unconditional love of her HIV positive son has helped him to maintain his treatment and thrive in the face of this disease.

theGrio’s parent company MSNBC is at the Essence Festival allowing attendees to join the Growing Hope conversation by sharing your hopes regarding the issues that matter to you — the same issues MSNBC discusses on air every day.

MSNBC is inviting Essence Festival attendees to come to the Convention Center through Sunday, July 6, to meet MSNBC hosts, including Rev. Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy Reid and Tamron Hall.