Social media stands in support of 16-year-old rape victim with #IamJada

theGRIO REPORT - This week, Jada resorted to social media to use the platform as a way to speak out against her sexual assault and draw support from users as a way to combat rape culture.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Last week, Jada — a 16-year-old rape victim — was bullied by users on social media after graphic photos of her sexual assault spread across the Internet.

This week, Jada turned to social media to use the platform as a way to speak out against her attack in an effort to combat rape culture.

Jada, who wished not to release her last name, appeared on MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily Monday to discuss why she decided to reveal her identity and fight back.

Her story went viral after images of her half-naked limp body surfaced on the web. The photo was reportedly taken after male party-goers — whose names have not yet been revealed — committed the heinous act at a high school party in June.

Jada says she has no recollection from the evening aside from being handed a cup of punch, which she believes was spiked.

“I woke up without any memory of what happened,” Jada told Farrow. “After that, I went home and realized that my underwear was on backwards, and I called and asked ‘what happened,’ and I had a bruise under my eye.”

Jada had become the victim of a sexual assault — and not only was this tragic enough but photos of the aftermath were blasted all across social media.

“I was angry, I was very angry,” she said.

In an effort to draw more awareness of Jada’s story and bravery, Farrow asked users on Twitter to take a supportive stand and post tweets with the hashtag #IamJada. Here a few of the remarkable responses:

Watch Jada’s appearance on Ronan Farrow Daily below:

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