High school soccer players chant ‘Ebola’ at West African opponent, coaches resign

theGRIO REPORT - Northampton high school soccer players allegedly directed and "Ebola" chant at a rival Nazareth player from West Africa...

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Northampton, PA — Northampton High School soccer players allegedly directed an “Ebola” chant at a rival Nazareth player from West Africa.

The unnamed player is from a small town in Guinea, reports The Big Lead, and he has family, including his parents, still living there.

The 16-year-old was given a red card towards the conclusion of the match for charging at one of the alleged chanters.

Edward Bachert, the teen’s guardian, told The Morning Call the young player constantly worries about the health of his parents.

“I am glad Nazareth and Northampton took this incident very seriously and did a very thorough investigation,” Bachert said.

The punishment of the alleged chanters is to be decided by the district’s superintendent. Northampton’s soccer coaches have resigned, according to the Morning Call’s report.

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