Woman walks around New York City, gets catcalled over 100 times

VIDEO - A viral new video shows what a woman goes through while walking through the streets of New York City...

In just one day, a video showing a woman enduring street intimidation and harassment has been viewed more than 5 million times.

The woman in the video, actress Shoshana Roberts, walks through New York City as countless men “catcall” her. Some men even follow her.

Roberts remains silent throughout the video.

The footage was shot by a man walking in front of her, carrying a hidden backpack camera.

The woman, who is wearing a nondescript outfit of jeans and a plain black T-shirt, receives a total of 108 catcalls from male passerby during the walk — not counting any non-verbal gestures such as winks.

Comments range from “how are you doing?” to other men who follow the woman for up to five minutes. A few of the comments in the video, however, that are counted toward the total seem genuinely friendly and non-sexual in nature.

“Not a day goes by when I don’t experience this,” Roberts said.

The organization, which made the video to bring awareness to the seemingly innocuous practice of catcalling, indicated that over 70% would be verbally harassed on the street during their lives.

Rob Bliss, who filmed the experiment, said, “[Men] see [catcalling] as just an innocent compliment but are missing the forest for the trees. I intentionally left out any messaging and just laid bare what it’s like, so that everyone could objectively see the reality of this problem.”

Roberts received online threats after the video was posted on YouTube Tuesday, with the Hollaback official Twitter reaching out to fans to report the rape threats.