Tank has a meltdown on Instagram: 'I should've been born white'

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Tank seems to be mad as hell, and apparently, he isn’t going to take it anymore. The R&B singer posted a picture of himself in bed on Instagram that was accompanied with a long rant.

“If I look tired it’s because I am. I’m deeply saddened and disappointed that ‘Stronger’ will not get a video or continued promotion it deserves!” he starts off.

“Stronger” is his sixth studio album that was released in August and sold a paltry 16,621 copies in its first week. The singer goes on to blame people for not supporting his album.

“Maybe I should have been born white then all of my music would go straight to mainstream and pop radio instead of urban,” he continued.


He said he’s not “mad at white artists” but feels that he’s been committed to a brand of music that hasn’t been “faithful to him.”

“I look better, sing better, produce better, write better, and perform better than dam near everybody and this is the thanks I get?” the 38-year old asked.