Parents turn their kids in after seeing burglary footage on the news

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

The parents of two North Carolina teens recognized their children on the news when surveillance video of a burglary was aired on New Year’s Eve. Rather than cover for their kids, the parents turned them in.

At 3:30am on last Monday, five teens broke into a Tech Boyz and were caught on camera. The footage aired on the nightly news, and two of the boys’ parents had already recorded the news when they came home from Watch Night Service.

“I’m just glad the parents decided to do the right thing,” said Jesse Hill, the co-owner of Tech Boyz, who has lost thousands of dollars in property damage, missing property, and customer reimbursements to the customers whose cell phones were in the store being repaired.

The parents told police that their boys were supposed to be staying with an older sibling but had instead decided to hang out with friends and apparently caved to peer pressure. Police have not released names or charges yet.