Fox News signs MLK’s niece Alveda King as contributor

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Fox News announced Friday in a press release that they have signed Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 64-year-old King has previously appeared on the news outlet and will be brought on as a contributor.

According to the release, King will “provide social and cultural commentary across FNC’s daytime and primetime programming.”

Roger Ailes, the network chairman said in a statement via Mediaite:

Alveda has brilliantly carried the legacy of the King family to the next generation and has been a source of inspiration for many Americans. Her passion and mission for social change will be a valuable contribution to our network.

King is known for her conservative views. She famously appeared as a featured speaker for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in 2010. She was supportive of Herman Cain’s presidential run saying that the black Republican has shown himself to be a leader.

King also ruffled feather when she claimed that many of black American’s voted for President Obama “based on skin color”. She is also not shy about her pro-life views. She penned an op-ed for the Washington Times calling racism and abortion evil twins.