Fox CNN Russell Simmons Kevin Liles
Russell Simmons (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images) | CNN's Brian Todd interviews Kevin Liles (top right) | Fox News' Geraldo Rivera interviews Kevin Liles (Video stills, YouTube)

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera and CNN reporter Brian Todd took L’s on Thursday.

Both men mistook Kevin Liles for Russell Simmons on air during protest marches in Baltimore.

One took his mistake in stride, while the other tried to play it off.

Watch Geraldo Rivera’s mix-up below:

“And Mr. Simmons, Russell, the hip hop mogul, why are you here?” Rivera said as he approached Liles. “I’m sorry, you look just like him.”

Both men laughed.

But CNN’s Todd wasn’t easily as convinced:

Watch CNN’s Brian Todd insist Kevin Liles is actually Russell Simmons below:

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“OK, you bear a striking resemblance to Russell Simmons,” Todd said. “You tell me you’re not him. You tell me you’re Kevin Liles. I’m not sure I believe you. We think this is Russell Simmons, Wolf.”

Todd later backed off his bizarre…persistence and issued an apology tweet to Liles:

Liles kind of looks like Russell Simmons – in the same way Brian Todd looks like Geraldo Rivera.