Danny Glover blasts TV reporter for cutting his interview short

VIDEO - Actor Danny Glover blasts TV anchor for abruptly cutting his interview short after less than a minute...

Legendary film/TV actor Danny Glover recently sat down for an interview with KTVU news in Oakland to raise awareness for the American Postal Workers Union.

However, Glover was cut off nearly a minute into his interview due to a shortage of time, prompting him to yell: “I’m not somebody who’s moved to the wayside!”

The interview started out upbeat, but seconds later, KTVU anchor Tori Cambell interrupted Glover.

“Alright Mr. Glover, we’re almost out of time,” she said.

Glover’s demeanor quick turned sour.

“Well you should’ve given me more time, that’s the first thing. Why don’t you go on, if you don’t have enough time don’t bother!” he said.

“Just don’t give me two minutes. I’m from San Francisco and Oakland, that’s the least you could have done is given me more time. I’m not somebody who’s moved to the wayside.”

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