74-year-old man's social security check in jeopardy for 'bogus' student loans

The Department of Education is threatening to dock Willie Chaney’s social security check again for outstanding “student loans.”

The problem?

Chaney claims he never took the loans out and has never even enrolled in college.

The 74-year-old told FOX 5 in Atlanta he never even graduated high school, let alone take out loans to attend college in Arizona – a place he said he’s never been, either.

He tells the station he believes he is the victim of identity theft.

“Everything they send me I already done did,” Chaney said. “They want me to read this paper and, uh, check off this and that and get it notarized then I done did that so many times.”

The worst part is that he isn’t even benefiting from the education that he’s supposed to be paying for.

“It’s a funny thing though, I suppose to be in college, but I don’t know what course I’m taking up.”

And because Chaney never even graduated high school, he admits he is in over his head when it comes to understanding all the legal hoops that he is required to jump through.

Sadly, despite the fact that the federal government assures Chaney it is “continuing to work on this case diligently,” it looks like Chaney is going to have to keep fighting.

“I ain’t gonna give up. No m’am. I might give out,” he said.