Chris Matthews: Donald Trump more of a leader than Obama was at the start

theGRIO REPORT - MSNBC Chris Matthews seems to be jumping on the "Team Trump" bandwagon...

MSNBC host Chris Matthews seems to be jumping on the ‘Team Trump’ bandwagon.

On Tuesday’s Hardball, Matthews spoke glowingly of Trump’s influence on the Republican party overall. He noted that Trump was building a party within the party that was evidence of his ability to lead it to potential victory.

“I think it shows him a leader, you always can tell if somebody is a leader or not if you look behind them. Anybody following? With Obama for a long time – nobody was back there, just him,” – Mathews said.

He continued by adding that Trump holds an ability to build a force in the Republican party although his politics don’t often line up with traditional conservative values.

Matthews also offered that it was “really smart” for Trump to align himself with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Let that one sink in for a second.