'We love them unconditionally': Parents forgive sons accused of trying to kill them

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LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia couple say they have forgiven two sons accused of attacking them in what police believe was a plot to kill them.

Yvonne and Zachery Ervin spoke publicly for the first time Friday with local news media outlets outside Gwinnett County Court.

Their 22-year-old son Christopher Ervin and 17-year-old son Cameron Ervin face charges including aggravated assault and arson after the Sept. 5 attack in the family’s suburban Atlanta home.

Yvonne Ervin still had bruises on her face from the attack.

She told a 911 dispatcher that her sons were trying to kill her. She said they had drugged her and her husband by putting Xanax in their drinks before the attack.

When officers arrived, they found a bloody scene inside the family’s home.

Friday, the parents spoke publicly for the first time since the alleged attack

‘We forgive our sons and we love them unconditionally,” Yvonne Zachery shared with WSB-TV. ‘Those were not our boys that did that to us.’

‘We did not raise our boys that way.

‘We understand there are consequences for what they did, they understand that, but we’re just praying that the world forgives them the same way that we forgive them.’

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