Tank blasts American Music Awards for Tyrese’ R&B snub

R&B singer Tank is putting the American Music Awards on blast for snubbing 'real' R&B artists...

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R&B singer Tank decided to blast the American Music Awards last night after realizing his friend Tyrese was shut out of the R&B category.

“@Tyrese couldn’t even get a nomination for Soul R&B Album as the #AMAs? That’s crazy and confusing! WHAT IS SOUL R&B? I need answers!..,” Tank wrote.

Tank later clarified that he is a fan of The Weeknd, who walked away with the Soul R&B Award for his album The Beauty Behind the Madness. His fellow nominees included Chris Brown and Trey Songz.

“For the record I LOVE @theweeknd album! He also deserves the right to be categorized correctly! Why is he just considered R&B? #worldmusic.”

Ultimately, Tank believes there should be two R&B categories: one for Pop R&B and another for Soul R&B.