CNN guest says Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance was racist, other guests roll their eyes

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On Tuesday night, Don Lemon hosted a segment on CNN about the recent wave of backlash over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance, which many are saying was anti-police because of the Black Panther-like costumes.

During the segment, former police detective Harry Houck claimed that the performance was racist, and the other guests, Nischelle Turner, Bakari Sellers, and Kierny Mayo, as well as Lemon, didn’t even have to say a word to convey their reaction.

“Some say her performance is anti-police with the reference to the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter movement. Do you feel it was anti-police?” Lemon asked during the segment.

Houck responded, “Well, it was racist.”

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Cue hilarious reactions from the entire assembled crew.

During the same segment, Houck claimed that the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner were not murder, though he did concede that Walter Scott being shot in the back constituted murder: “We can talk about what happened in Ferguson was murder, I’m sorry, it was not. Okay, what happened in Staten Island was murder, I’m sorry, it was not. What happened in North Charleston, yes, I will agree, that officer, that was murder…”

Watch the clip from the segment above for some epic gif-able reactions.

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