Trump supporters caught on video pushing black woman out of rally

Tuesday, a group of Trump supporters were caught on video pushing and dragging a black woman out of a Trump rally in Kentucky...

Tuesday, a group of Trump supporters were caught on video pushing and dragging a black woman out of a Trump rally in Kentucky.

Video clips are now circulating of the young protestor being roughly handled by a screaming man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Later, the young woman described the ordeal in a Facebook video.

“I was called a n****r and a c*nt and got kicked out,” said Shiya Nwanguma, a University of Louisville student. “They were pushing and shoving at me, cursing at me, yelling at me, called me every name in the book. They’re disgusting and dangerous.”

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Witnesses who have since spoken to the  New York Daily News have identified the man in the video as white nationalist Matthew Heimbach, head of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Check out footage from the rally above, and the young woman’s account is below.

Please be warned that there is strong language.

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