Two shot after argument over new Jordans at Minnesota Foot Locker

Two people were injured when gunfire erupted at a Minnesota Foot Locker when a fight broke out over new Nike Air Jordan shoes.

Latrissa Favorite, who was getting coffee at the strip mall, was close enough to hear what happened. “It was absolutely crazy,” Favorite said. “I just hear the police screaming ‘Get down! Get down!’”

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Brooklyn Center Commander Garett Flesland said that police responded quickly to the shots fired at the Foot Locker, citing a shoe sale that was going on as the catalyst for the altercation. Two people were injured. “They were conscious and talking with the officers, paramedics. The word I have is non-life threatening at this point,” Flesland said.

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“There was a little altercation over the shoes about someone in line. It was a lot of commotion. I don’t know who was shooting, but somebody started shooting like six times,” said Latoya Sims, who was present at the time.

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Police do not have any suspects in custody, but they did say that they believed this to be an isolated incident.

“It makes you sad for the people, and the mentality and the mind frame that we have to kill somebody, that nobody’s life is valued anymore. It’s sad,” Favorite said.