Former pimp suing ‘Empire’ for stealing his show concept releases bizarre trailer for reality series

Ron Newt, a former pimp, filed a lawsuit last year against Terrence Howard and Lee Daniels, of Empire fame, because he says they are using his life story as a concept for Empire.

In the billion dollar lawsuit pending against Howard and Daniels, Newt claims that he pitched the idea of Empire, which he says is based on his life story, to Howard years before the show aired. The case is still ongoing.

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Now, Newt is also announcing a new Empire-like reality series called The Newt Empire. The show will follow Newt and his family as they navigate the entertainment industry and as they attempt to mend the bridges that Newt has burned during his career.

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Newt claims to have signed a multi-million dollar deal with MCA in 1989, and also deals with Michael Jackson’s family and Death Row Records.

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Take a look at footage from The Newt Empire below: