Burglary suspects lead police on wild car chase, pose for photos before arrest

Two burglary suspects in Los Angeles led police on a wild car chase in which the suspects did doughnuts and even stopped to pose for pictures.

On Thursday, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies responding to a burglary got the description of the suspect’s car, a blue Mustang convertible, from a neighbor, and a helicopter unit spotted the car driving away.

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California Highway Patrol officers then engaged in a high-speed chase, and the driver of the vehicle began to drive erratically, at some point colliding with another vehicle before continuing to flee.

News of the car chase spread rapidly on social media.

The driver also rolled down the convertible top of the car and, after exiting Hollywood Boulevard, began to spin doughnuts in both directions on the street. The driver resumed driving and began waving and yelling at people that the car passed.

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Authorities deployed a spike strip which appeared to cause some damage to a tire on the car before the driver continued onto the freeway, maneuvering around a TMZ tour bus that tried to block their path. The suspects also stopped during the chase to talk to a police officer picking up a spike strip that had not stopped them.

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The pair finally stopped in front of a home in South Los Angeles, where the driver got out and sat on the hood of the car and began to talk with friends.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

The driver was identified as Herschel Reynolds, 20, and his passenger was Isaiah Young, 19, sheriff’s Deputy Tina Schrader said. Both men are residents of L.A. and were later booked in County Jail.