Tracy Morgan performs for the doctors who saved his life

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On Saturday, Tracy Morgan took the stage for what had to be one of his most meaningful shows yet.  The 47-year-old comedian performed to an audience of doctors and nurses who helped to save his life after a car crash that almost killed him.

“Last night was one of the most special nights of my life,” Morgan told People magazine. “To be standing on stage with the people that saved my life in the audience was an overwhelming experience. I will never fully be able to thank the doctors, nurses, first responders and everyone else that got me back on that stage enough.”

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Morgan came out on stage at the State Theatre, which is only 2 miles from the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick.

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Following the 2014 crash that killed Morgan’s friend, 62-year-old comedian James McNair, Morgan was in a coma for a few weeks before he was able to begin his slow process of recovery, under the hospital’s care.

The 47-year-old said it was one of the worst times of his life.

“I was in a very dark place,” Morgan said. “I was sitting right here, contemplating suicide. I couldn’t walk.”

Morgan said all those who were in attendance were his heroes. “The only good thing that happened on that horrible night was that I was close to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital when the accident happened. God bless them all.”

Morgan reportedly got a standing ovation after the show and asked the hospital staff to stand up to share it with him.

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