Roland Martin responds after Bow Wow says he can’t relate to civil rights because he’s mixed

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Bow Wow and Nick Cannon recently announced that they did not want to throw their support behind either presidential candidate, and Roland Martin has had enough.

He took on Bow Wow in particular for saying that he couldn’t relate to the civil rights movement because he has mixed race heritage.

“These comments by Bow Wow @smoss about being mixed and not understanding civil rights is some of the dumbest ish I’ve EVER seen in my life,” he tweeted before he just started to list off a myriad of mixed-race people involved in the civil rights movement.

“Hey Bow Wow @smoss. I met you at the White House. Guess what? @POTUS is mixed. And he sure as hell knows about civil rights!” he added.

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He went on to list all sorts of rights that Bow Wow was enjoying because of the civil rights work that was one before his time. “You do know the federal civil rights of mixed race people can be violated? Bruh, you really need to be educated,” he tweeted.

Bow Wow, for his part, seemed to be receptive to the education: “thanks for enlightening me. Yes we met at white house but since then OG i been disappointed and lost faith in politics.” He then added, “Got respect for you, @rolandsmartin you want to talk just get at me. Its nothing a convo cant fix. Im willing to learn .. Theres a start.”

At the invitation, Martin offered to exchange phone numbers so that the education could continue, and Bow Wow obliged.