SUV plows through group of black protesters at Michigan campus

african kings

A shocking video captures the moment an SUV plowed through a group of black student protesters at the Eastern Michigan University.

The 15-second clip shows the vehicle literally driving through a crowd of students as they were protesting a racial slur spray-painted on the campus.

The university discovered and removed graffiti displaying “KKK” in red, white and blue spray paint, and the words “Leave Ni**ers” on the wall inside the courtyard of Julia Anne King Hall on Tuesday morning.

But what started out as a protest of hate turned into yet another act of hatred.

It’s not clear who was the driver behind the wheel; however, a Facebook account belonging to an apparent EMU student claims the driver was a woman. No one was seriously injured; however, the driver did run over protesters’ feet.

“If there was a car accident in the middle of the intersection I’m sure people could’ve found their way around…just like every other car in the intersection waiting she could’ve waited too. But no she decides to disrespect us, and run right through our PEACEFUL protest,” wrote one student on a Facebook account belonging to Ashanti Africana.

In a statement, EMU President James Smith condemned the racial slur found on the campus and promised take to action.

“The University strongly condemns such a racist and thoughtless act, which runs completely counter to the values and welcoming environment of our highly diverse Eastern Michigan University community,” he said.