Tom Hanks plays Trump supporter in hilarious Black Jeopardy ‘SNL’ skit

Tom Hanks hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and he played a Trump supporter in a hilarious "Black Jeopardy" skit.

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Tom Hanks turned in a pretty memorable performance as host on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

His best appearance of the night may have been when he played a Trump supporter in a hilarious “Black Jeopardy” skit.

Wearing a red Trump hat and a t-shirt with a bald eagle on it, Hanks played “Doug,” a surprisingly savvy Trump supporter on the made-up game show.

Host Darnell Hayes (Keenan Thompson) and contestants Keeley (Sasheer Zamata) and Shanice (Leslie Jones) were surprised when Hanks held his own, “correctly” answering questions in categories such as “Big Girls,” “Mm…I Don’t Know” and “You Better.”

A sample of one exchange:

Thompson reads the answer for “Big Girls” for $200: “Skinny women can do this for you.”

Hanks’ character fires back: “What is ‘not a damn thing.'”

Zamata and Jones’ characters praise Hanks’ response and the Thompson is similarly elated. But then the final Jeopardy category throws everyone for a loop: “Lives That Matter.”

“It was good while it lasted, Doug,” Thompson quips.

Watch the hilarious skit below: